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Click on the cart name below to see a picture of the cart One of the Fun things about Fun Food is that you can mix and match different carts to make up whatever combinations will be perfect for your own fiesta. 100 servings
Cotton Candy Our imported electric cotton candy machine produces a choice of 6 imported flavors: Vanilla Pink, Cherry Red, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Pink, Mint Green, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Bubble Gum, Watermelon Chocolate  P1,400
Candy Cart Our Candy Cart is a buffet of 19 assorted knick-knacks using our colorful kiddie buffet cart. It includes chocolate coated candies, marshmallows, bubble gums, coated peanuts, candy pellets, wafers, and many more....come on and have a cup of your choice of goodies.  P2,200
Fish & Squid Balls Export quality machine-formed fish and squid balls. 3 balls per serving with tangy sweet & sour or scorching sweet & spicy sauce.  P2,650
French Fries Your Choice of 3 flavors: Cheese , Barbeque , Sour Cream & Onion , or Garlic & Bacon .  P2,850
Halo-Halo Our version of this beloved Filipino dessert has: Langka , Halayang Ube, Macapuno , Nata de Coco , Yellow Gulaman , Sago, Saging na Saba , Green Gulaman and Pinipig .  P3,200
Hotdog on a Stick Hotdogs, skewered on a stick and Cooked in a Hotdog Steamer with Catsup and Mustard.  P2,300
Hamburger / Hotdog Sandwich 100 orders of either hotdog or hamburger sandwich or 50 pcs hamburger sandwich topped with sandwich spread, pickle relish, white onion rings and shredded Baguio Lettuce with catsup and mustard and 50 pcs hotdogs dressed with sandwich spread, pickle relish and chopped onions on a bed of shredded Baguio lettuce and grated cheddar cheese in a hotdog bun, served with catsup and mustard.  P4,800
Nachos Hot, crispy corn Nachos liberally topped with Cheese sauce , Ground beef , and our own special homemade Mild and Spicy Salsas.  P3,100
Nacho and Taco Combo 50 pcs. crispy Nacho Chips with Cheese sauce and Ground beef , served with our home made mild and spicy salsa and 50 pcs. crispy Tacos with shredded lettuce, ground beef, grated Cheddar cheese served with our home made mild or spicy salsa.  P3,600
Pasta! Pasta! Pasta! Italian spaghetti & Fettuccine pasta smothered with meaty beef and mushroom , Creamy Carbonara or zesty Puttanesca sauce .  P8,850
Your choice of any 3 flavors:
Regular flavors: Cheese , Barbeque , Sour cream & ; Onion or Bacon
Glazed flavors: Cherry Pink,, Grape,, Blue Raspberry,, Chocolate,, Red Cinnamon & Caramel,
Puto Bumbong
& Bibingka Espesyal
50 orders each with homemade Galapong & Puto Bumbong mixes, White Cheese , Red eggs, Anchobutter , Edam Cheese and freshly grated Coconut meat .  P5,100
Pork Barbecue Special Delicious, tender and juicy Pork Barbecues served with our special sauce.
Regular size 7 1/2 in.
Mini size 4 1/2 in.

Snow Cone Snow cones come in a rainbow of 12 imported flavors to tempt every tongue: Strawberry, Cherry, Grape, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Lime, Rootbeer, Bubble Gum, Mango Pineapple Spearmint Red Apple Tutti Frutti Vanilla  P2,500
Native Taho Freshly made the same day as you order, kids and aadults just love it.  P1,700
Native Sorbetes Choose 3 from the following flavors: Mango, Chocolate, Cheese, Ube, Cookies & Cream, Avocado, Lanka
Good for
100 orders cup or cone

All entrees (or food) are prepared fresh on site!
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
check out the pictures of the carts! [cotton candy ][ candy cart ][ fish & squid balls ][ french fries ][ halo-halo ][ hotdog on a stick ][ hamburger/hotdog ][ nachos ][ pasta ][ popcorn ][ puto & bibingka ][ pork BBQ ][ snow cone ][ native taho ][ sorbetes]

817 Torres Street
Mandaluyong City,Philippines
Tel Nos.
(632) 724-0245
725-4666 fax
Infopage: 1277-44488

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