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  1. A 50% down payment should be made upon reservation. Any reservation without the 50 % downpayment shall be considered tentative, and Fun Food shall be free to accept other bookings for the same date. The down payment shall be forfeited should any cancellations be made within SEVEN (7) days prior to the party date.

  2. The client shall inform Fun Food in writing for any increase, reduction and / or changes in the menu at least SEVEN (7) working days prior to the party date.

  3. A SERVICE CHARGE of 15 % of the contract price shall be added for the SET MENUS ONLY.

  4. A DELIVERY CHARGE of P 200.00 or P 350.00 ( depending on the location ) shall be charged should the client book 4 carts or less.

  5. The maximum service time is FIVE (5) hours only. An additional fee of 10% of the contract price shall be charged to the client should the party exceed the service time.

  6. Tables and chairs shall be billed separately based on the venue.

  7. The customer agrees and consent to be bound by the terms and conditions stated at the back of the Party Contract.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

817 Torres Street
Mandaluyong City,Philippines
Tel Nos.
(632) 724-0245
725-4666 fax
Infopage: 1277-44488

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