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Hey check out the Official Uncle Paul Peczon resume yo check out Uncle's first day at Willow Springs long ago on a Suzuki GS500. This particular bike was stock except for a Yoshimura race exhaust, Factory jets and needles, Metzeler MEZr tires, and fork tuning by Race Tech that made it handle like a real champ. The GS500 is kind of an overlooked machine, I say. Some folks think of it as a college campus machine for the guy on a budget, for trips to the bookstore, ferrying cheerleaders to and fro and such, but actually it's a good little rig. It has an extremely rigid frame, decent forks and brakes, and you can get good tires for it. They race them in Northern California in a single make series sponsored by the local Suzuki dealers. Such a bike is the poor man's Hawk, they say. They say a lot of things, those people, so load the pictures already, brah.

Motorcycles, irreverent social commentary, stupid adventures, naive misunderstandings, and rantings of a person driven mad thinking about many things far beyond the influence of a common man. Perhaps it's best not to think about things like widescale environmental deterioration, radioactive waste, outright corruption among our "leaders" and the more subtle mass misinformation carried out by monied vested interests, but then again, if it were a perfect world then it might be a bit boring, like the life of my dog Stimpy. Eat, sleep, run around. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it.

Anyway, what happens for a lad such as myself is that one looks for distraction. Fun bits to chase to the extreme. Motorcycles, rock and roll, partying, vacations. Never mind the drab gory business of chasing money and long sad drives pondering the bad news on the radio. Hell, I'm even a member of the press and know full well the twisted incestuous relationship between the press and politicians that the common man usually finds alienating.

This admittedly crude (but also fast loading) site has three sections. Each one has an article and hopefully a picture or two. These sections are: Motorycles, Adventure stuff, and Editorial/Essays. Most but not all have been printed in different magazines or newspapers.

Captain America is a real Harley. Chopped, no front brake, apehangers, sissy bar, and chrome.

My paid writing career started with a tiny little independent monthly rag which at the time was called LA Bike. It was a free thing you could pick up in LA but it grew and one day it became CA Bike, a name which I never liked. At the same time, our national distributor we'd started up with wanted a different title so it became US Bike in other states and to our free distribution list. Then it went from a tabloid to a 8 1/2 x 11" magazine format and it's final name was Street Bike. Around this time the publisher, Scott Melamed got sick of it and I had already quit selling ads for it and was writing freelance for other rags like SportRider, Big Twin, Motorcycle Consumer News, and some other stuff. Maybe just for the heck of it I'll write more stories about bikes I rode that I didn't get paid to write up, but at any rate I'll be adding more and more of the bikes I did write up soon.

Wicked neatbikes I've been lucky enough to beat on:

load yer pix, mate BMW R1100R - The BMW I'd actually consider buying
BMW R1100RS - Vacation run through Arizona with the denBroeder Boy
Turbo R1100RS - Abusing the Luftmeister bike at El Mirage
Cagiva E-900 Elefant - Ducati's Supermotard
1995 Ducati M-900 Monster: Il mostro
Honda XR250L - The little dual sport that could
Honda Hawk: The poor man's Ducati (the one I plan to keep forever)
The history of the Honda VFR - that'll be V-FouR, baby
1995 Honda VFR - Da Bes kine all roun' streetbike, braddah
Kawasaki KZ 1000 Police - riding the Man's bike
Yamaha FZR400RR - Japanese spec pocket rocket.
Yamaha FZR600 - 600 sportbike for James Dean on a Budget
Suzuki GSXR 1100 turbo - it was set for street so it was only making 275 horsepower.


bike links - tons o links. Yes I need to update it
links More links in general . Even more out of date but heck


Tips on buying your first bike.
Check out the Racetech cartridge emulator for "re-curving" your old forks.
Hey Uncle Paul, I have a dead battery
Check out this great way to clean rust
Book review: The Yamaha Roadracers

The thinking man

Yes, I'm supposed to be a writer guy, and although I've never managed to get anything serious like a book or a poem and haven't gotten a short story together since college, I write a lot of stuff that gets published anyway. Here's some editorials from Isyu, some stuff I wrote for other mags, and essays I wrote for the hell of it while drunk on Scotch.

Sunday Morning Lover - reprinted twice, and now cyberjunk
Fishda da fis Pescado - ecoboy turns all thoughtful and nice
Driving in the Philippines is fun - if you think about it the right way.
Ultrahorn - Didn't you ever wish you had a horn that really scared people
The globalization of incompetence - the dumbing down of the species
The Rubberneck show - People always have to stop and watch the guy change his tire
decriminalize da Pakalolo - Like brodda Tosh seh, "and I will advertise it"

Fun lifestyle bits

hmmm, hmmph, yeh, yeh, fireMaybe real life isn't like MTV Extreme Sports, but that doesn't mean that you can't have fun in your own way. F'rinstance, When I was a kid we used to get a big kick out of jumping off the balcony at my friend Brett's house holding a bedsheet like a parachute. Actually, that one didn't work as well as planned, but jumping bicycles off flimsy ramps made out of boards and junk was always a fun afternoon. But I have done some of that adventure stuff, so check it out:

Simply Sequoia - Once a year the rangers let dual sport bikes ride in the big trees.
Cross Country USA, circa 1990 with Uncle Paul and Sven and Imelda the van (warning - 30 photos)
The LA Riot - as printed in the third LA uncle Paul Newsletter
Crashing motorbikes - tales of LA street survival
Almost an LA shooting victim - or "I met the Rodriguez Brothers"
Gravity cars - as originally printed in Bikini
Japan - Hanging with japanese biker dudes in their element.
As commissioned but not printed by Bikini, the bastards

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