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Hey this links page is nothing special, just a compendium of what I found in my bookmarks file. As you'll figure out quickly enough, it's kind of sportbike and race oriented, with not much Harley or motocross stuff. But hell, it is a lot of links and a lot of them, like Cycle News, Performance Bikes, and Motorcycling Online are worth checking regularly. Some, like Ducati SpA and DORNA are cutting edge website design, no question. Have fun, and please let me know if any of these links have died or if there are any new ones I oughta add.

Note: Every single link on this page opens a new window!

motocom ad

OEM (that's techie for Original Equipment Manufacturer)

little independent bike manufacturers

Aftermarket stuff

online bike magazines

Print Magazines Online

Motorcycle racing pages

Personal Bike pages

other link pages

Motorcycle Tours / rental

Pages dedicated to the Honda NT 647GT, bitchin' bike, really.

Ducati links



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