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The kind folks at iconn made a website for my glamorous sister Cristina but they spelled Peczon wrong, as opposed to me, who tends to spell her name Chris, which inevitably makes her really mad at me. But being enterprising, she made a new one on her ownsome with a little help with the techie bits from her brother and it's here. Meanwhile, my VP at PNB cousin Claro found some time, a jpeg camera, and FrontPage and has made a nice litle family page at Claro.Fernandez.org wine, women, song Those of you fortunate enough to have gone to UMass when I was there will no doubt want to visit Damon Riley and Sven 's sites.
Or perhaps you know Uncle Paul from the AGSM days. If this is the case, then perhaps you might be interested in the famous trout fishing world tour of Mr. Sid Wales, who happened to stop by the Philippines for we few weeks to visit Uncle Paul, who forced him to rot on the beach in Boracay for awhile. Anyway, Sean Mandell a.k.a. Zeke, now living in Switzerland (and recently accepted to Columbia University) has a site. And if you are still in Los Angeles, loving the smog, you'll no doubt be needing a car, and no question you can't get a better deal than one from the famous car brokers at Car Guys West from Andy Franz If you know exactly what car you want, he'll have the best absolute price for it, and have it delivered to your place. He'll even get you the best trade-in for your old rig, help you with finance, and help you figure out what kind of car you oughta get if you haven't quite decided yet. ball of confusion, that's what the world is today, hey hey
If you are looking for a bike and happen to be in the Philippines, Access Plus will import whatever you want, deal with all the bigtime hassles of freight, the dreaded customs officials, and even deliver it to you. If you already have a bike and need parts, then Mike Franklin will set you up with the best possible deal on the internet-only motodepot. Or perhaps you are just looking for a used motorcycle, or perhaps have one and are obsessed with it. If this is the case, then you might want to check out Ian Smith who can, for a modest price, sell you copies of all the articles written about any bike by the major American Motorcycle magazines. Or maybe you're just a motorycle junkie in general, in which case the hottest weekly news still often comes from Cycle News, although often you'll find good racing news at BikeNet and the hottest site of all for bike is the one done by a consortium of British bike rags including Performance Bikes. you eeediot! And don't forget to visit Jon Gan's Vespa Club of the Philippines site. And if you are really into bikes, check out my new bike links page.

Or maybe you're just looking for regular news, in which case a couple of rather overlooked news sorces that I really like are The Economist and The Boston Globe. Of course, somtimes you don't necessarily want to read the news, and want some non-mainstream stuff, in which case you can't go wrong with paranoia , which has all kinds of freedom of speech type stuff on it. The paranoia links are especialy interesting, although they are not updated anymore, but one I really liked is the hacker site the whacked mac and if by chance you happen to use one of the fine apple products, you might be interested ingeting backup CD's filled with installers at Mc Ouch. Perhaps you are interested in delving into the arcane world of computer viruses and their evil counterparts, the virus hoaxes, in which case you oughta check out CIAC which uses hard earned American tax dollars for the noble purpose of checking these things out. And if you are really macabre and like pictures of autopsies and other really disguting stuff, check out rotten.com. heaven's gate

And of course my links page wouldn't be complete without a link to the master webmistresslorraine and it's only fair that I give you a link to Jessi Albano who, like so many others, no longer works at DPSI. And heck, why not wish Karen Kunawicz a belated happy birthday.
and then there's the junkyard of the useless sax and violins If you want me to link your site here, too, then email me and if I'm in my usual pleasant and courteous mood, then I'll be glad to add you, assuming of course you'll do the same for me. As you might have figured out by now, I don't have a lot of big commercial sites linked here, since you can probably figure out on your own how to find Dogpile and CNN. They probably won't write.
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